Stephane Rolland


     Stephane Rolland begun his career in the fashion world when he began studying at the Chambre Syndicate de la Couture Parisienne. At age twenty, Balenciaga recognized his talent and asked him to work for their men’s collection. He was promoted creative director within a year.

     From Balenciaga he went on into designing his own pret-a-porter collection, she was very successful.but Stephen still wanted a place of his own, and at age 30 he began working for Jean-Louis Scherrer, making him the youngest French Couturier on Avenue Montaigne, Paris. he will work for Jean-Louis for ten years.

     Stephane is also a fanatic of cinema and theater, he has been working as a costume designer as well. In 2006 & 2007, Stephane was awarded the Prestigious Moliere awards for “Amadeus”. The reason why I picked to research Stephane was because compared to the other Haute Couture designers he was the one with the most elaborate silhouettes at least to my eyes. I say elaborate in the sense that his gown silhouettes have a voluptuous edge to them and are not flat at all.


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