“Trash” Garment

          My inspiration for this particular project was the nature of the material i would be working on, through looking at many materials and possible ideas I decided to work with news paper. Now I knew that news paper would not create drapery or anything like that because of its flat characteristics, but from looking at my possible sketches I knew I wanted a garment that had some dimensionality to it so I decided to use the art of origami thanks to a fellow classmate. That also came hand-in-hand when we were asked to chose a designer as our inspiration because ended up choosing Stephane Rolland, Haute Couture designer who in most all of his gowns he tends to add three dimensional pieces.When I think of the nature of newspaper i think of words and paper, therefore in this project I wasn’t trying to turn the newspaper into fabric but I wanted to turn it into a wearable piece of art.jack


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