ART-302 Reflective Quiz Responses

Modern Society Same Dress, Different Perception

  1.         In my social group, the norm for dressing is casual but chic. I believe our dressing reflects casualty and chicness because I can safely say that we all are very comfortable with whatever it is that we are wearing. But in the same group there are quite a few different styles and that is where the chicness comes to play. For example I change my style of dress quite often while my other friends stick to one style. I think the way I could change the norm of dressing is by telling all of them to dress the way I do, but even then I think there would still be a variety, because I believe that the same garment looks different on two different people. Sometimes clothing just speaks for itself as said in the dressed body article,  “Either the body is thought to be self-evidently dressed or the clothes are assumed to stand up on their own, possibly even speaking for themselves without teh aid of the body (pg 36).”
    2.      At age 21 I have a say for most of my decisions and actions, but as a kid I really had no say not even in the clothing my parents bought me. Growing up with not a lot of money and a very low sense of fashion I always wore what my parents gave me. I clearly remember my wardrobe in kindergarten; it was full of knit sweaters, plastic pants, white ruffled socks and my white Mexican-style sandals. As a child I really didn’t care what it was that I wore as long as it covered me, but as I started to grow up I slowing started to build interest in fashion and once I saw old pictures of myself I would get embarrassed. I believe this situation changed the way I dress today; I really try my hardest to look somewhat “approachable”. My career selection was also influenced by this, for I had to go through my “bad-dressed” time to gain interest in what it is that I love now,  which is fashion. “Dressed inappropriately we are uncomfortable, we feel ourselves open to social condemnation (pg 35).”     
    3. I would consider my body both passive and political. Passive in the sense that I do give into fashion a lot and political because I question dress all of the time. My body is passive to fashion because I believe it is part of our society to be “fashionable”, but my sensibility to fashion was implanted in me since I was a young girl for I was always surrounded by fashion in my mother’s bridal shop. My passivity kind of did change when I began sewing my own clothes and as I started to become more aware of the different ways women used clothing. It was then when my body became a little more political because I always wanted to look different than other girls at school. For example in high school we all had to purchase the same t-shirt for our club prior to a big event we had, I went home and changed the style of it to that of a polo shirt. The next day I stood out amongst all the females and I got a response from my school society.


One thought on “ART-302 Reflective Quiz Responses

  1. Candi , I have reviewed your course work for ART 302, and all your responses are complete. Thank you for your dedication to this course work.

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