Dress Journal November 1st, 2013

candiimageToday I came back home to Riverside, and since the weather here is always warmer than LA, I decided to wear a maxi dress with my new favorite beige jacket. I wore this outfit to pick up my younger siblings from school and then i just basically stuck in my house for the rest of my Friday. This outfit made me feel girly and happy, it allowed me to connect better with my family. I did not receive any compliments about my outfit, but I really liked it. It reminded me of the reading we had done last week in which it talked about how during your teenage years, you tend to be influenced by those around you that have a very strong bond with you and I think that when I go back home I still feel as though I have to dress a little more conservatives because I have two brothers and my mom always taught me and my other sisters to dress appropriately around the male figures of our family.


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