Reading #4 Question Responses

1) Do other’s taste in music and literature continue to influence ones identity throughout and after adolescence? pg. 144

“Identity formation develops from the outside to the inside.”, this phrase from the book Identities Through Fashion suggests that as a person goes through adolescence they are developing their identity and everything and everyone around them has a huge influence during this process. With this said I do believe that other’s taste in music and literature influences ones identity through their adolescence and then after. I believe that there is always a good and a bad side to everything, and from personal experience I can say that other’s choices of music and literature did influence me through my adolescence, not in a bad way at all though because I feel as though they introduced me to new music and ideas that perhaps I would have never had found on my own. And now that I am older I still get influenced by what others listen to and read about, but it helps me open my mind to new things and as an artist I believe you have to be willing to undergo through new chapters all of your life. I believe that you find your true identity through others, after all we grampaare more similar than what we think.

2)Should Barbie be the ideal doll to play with as a child?  pg. 145

I do not know if Barbie should be the “ideal” doll to play with as a child, but it is and I do not think there is really anything we can do about it now. The book Identities Through Fashion, states that “Barbie doll, do have an influence on body image and self-perception”, and I agree but disagree at the same time . I mean how much influence can a DOLL really have on your identity, probably as a child but I do not think that it hurts adolescence at all. I grew up playing with a big bag full of Barbies and what I remember the most was not their size or their beauty but the clothing I used to make them and the scenarios I used to make up when I was playing with them. I would also like to point out that I believe the Barbie doll helps keep young girls acting like kids and not like little wanna be women. This doll is the perfection transition toy, I think you can start playing with a  Barbie from when you are 4 to when you are 13 or 14. My dolls helped me find out what I wanted to do when I grew up and that is why I will always cherish Barbie. Now the question asks if Barbie is the “ideal” doll, what is this “ideal” we talk about what doll could be “ideal”? There as so many different dolls in the world and they each have a different image and send a different message to girls that play with them, but any doll that we let in our lives will have an influence on us whether it be a good or a bad influence. So I do not think there is an “ideal” doll at all, and if there was can somebody tell me what skin color would it be, what clothing would it have, how tall would she be, and her weight?doll


3) .  Why are diets, exercise and fashion and cosmetics not enough today?  pg.151

“Dolto(1990) states that present models have substituted the great heroes of the past”, this quote says it all, we have lost our true beliefs to the falseness of beauty. We human beings have lost that essence which makes us this wonderful species on earth, we look at animals and they arenature all perfectly beautiful just the way they are, so why can’t we accept the way we look?media. We look at media as if it were written by humankind’s greatest ancestor, some kind of beauty guru. When it’s not to be media is all bullshit, it is something a couple of “pretty” (fake) people come up with to make money and to sell these stupid images to stupid people like us (the ordinary). but we fall into their game, I know I always do I constantly get influenced and intimidated because of media. From personal experience I do exercise to be “skinny”, I wear fashion to “make beauty statements” and I wear cosmetics to look like those “pretty girls”, but there is still something in my head telling me that im missing something….perfection. This idea of perfection that is all over todays media, this stupid lie we all believe.  And in the end I believe that it is media that is killing true beauty. True beauty comes from within and can not be modified by any external force of man, to say this is very easy its complicated to believe it.



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