Final Project Proposal (ART 302)

For my final project I will be dressing like a homeless person. I like to put emotion into all that I do and I want to closely focus on the emotion that we feel when society treats us the way they do. The main thing I want to get out of this experience is to feel what they feel, to really try to live the way they do and then I want to see the way society treats them.

For this project I will be going to a thrift shop that is located in Riverside near my old house. I could wear clothing that I already have but I want to really live this, and so at this thrift shop there is a box outside that has free clothing that I will take and wear. I will not be wearing any type of product on my body, hair or face and I will make myself look dirty. I will not be taking any money with me nor cell phone, and I will eat only if I make enough money holding a sign. I am a very observant person, and I have sat in the Placita Olvera for more than an hour just observing how this homeless lady acted. I clearly remember she had about five magazines and was looking through them while talking about random things, she was calm for a while then she started acting angry. I was sitting by her I did not bug her and she did not bug me either it’s like she knew I was there but she never addressed anything she said to me. At the end she gave me a magazine to read, I flipped through the pages and there was a page where there was a Caucasian woman, she had drawn all over her face with a pen and she had put a phrase about Angelina Jolie. The thing that stood out to me from this experience was that the phrase she wrote was about three sentences and there were absolutely no grammar errors, I though to myself “wow this woman can write better than a lot of the educated people I know, why do we treat these people as if they aren’t worth anything. After having had lived through this experience,I want to sort of act like her, I want people to think I am crazy, I am calm and I am aggressive all at the same time to get a sense of the way she feels.

I am planning to go to downtown LA (the seventh st area), the Union Station, and the Placita Olvera. The reasons why I chose these three places is because all of these mean something really special to me and I love being there.I always go Down Town and see three types of people; the wealthy, the middle class and the homeless people.I want to act the part of a homeless person to see how these three types of people treat me. Some of the parts I want to go there are Starbucks, The Macy’s Plaza, and the Fabric area. The reason why I am choosing to go to The Union Station is because I have spent a lot of my time there, the Metrolink was my source of transportation for the first two years in college. I came to love and appreciate the Union Station so much and everyone there has always treated me with much respect, but now I want to experiment if what I wear and “who I am” changes the way they treat me. The last place I want to go to is La Placita Olvera, I chose this place because I want to see the way my culture responds to my experiment. I can kind of already predict they way different races and statuses will be treating me but I am eager to see the way my culture treats me. La placita Olvera has a little park that many homeless people go to and hang around in, so I will also be going there to see how the actual homeless people treat me. My name will be Mary. homeless


One thought on “Final Project Proposal (ART 302)

  1. Candi it sounds like you have thought this out very well, and you will handle the subject with respect and consideration. Will you also have a friend with you at a distance documenting? I had a student do this is the past, and she also did some dumpster diving.

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