Quiz #5 Responses

1) What are the three cardinal attributes to define the sociologic phenomenon of fashion?   Provide a definition in your own words, based on what you read of each attribute. According to Schnierer, the three cardinal attributes that define the sociologic phenomenon of fashion are; the temporal aspect of fashion, the social aspect and the last is the material dimension. The temporal aspect of fashion states that fashion has to be ephemeral, meaning that fashion lasts only a very short time. Fashion stands, has stood and will always stand on a borderline of the past and the future. It stays there in order for there to be a future for it, fashion is never knew it is something from the past reflecting the future. Fashion is spontaneous in the sense that it comes and stays for a while and then suddenly it leaves the room for other fashion to come, thus creating a fashion cycle. The Social aspect of fashion explains how only a few amount of people perform it and the rest adopt it. Advertisements play with this phenomenon because they know that people wants to be what they adore, for example their favorite idols. Through fashion people tells us who they are, it is its own language. The material dimension of the soiologic phenomenon, explains how fashion, hairstyles, accessories, etc. can be altered and changed unlike other items such as a brick, therefore these items are more prone to be modified through fashion. This part of the phenomenon focuses on material decorating the human body and the human behavior like social trends. fashion fashion 2 2)What does it mean, “Fashion is Play” How do you play at fashion?  Provide examples, and images. This means that fashion is not this rigid and serious subject. fashion is art, art is very open and free, therefore fashion should not be this “perfect” thing it is and experiment, that can be played with on a daily basis. As said in Identities Through Fashion, pure clothing meets the need of protection against cold and curiosity. Fashion provides the rest. Meaning that fashion is not just a rigid perfect outfit, fashion is play, it is playful, it changes, it varies, it knows us more than we proclaim to know it. I play at fashion all the time, some may categorize my style of clothing, but in reality I feel as if though I change it on a daily basis, not only due to the weather but in accordance to my emotions that day. Sometimes I loosen my self up and let fashion take over and speak for itself. Fashion is not meant to be taken serious, and sometimes I think to myself, in the morning after dressing, is this too much but then I say well its fashion! I believe I have played at fashion throughout my whole life and I have some pictures to demonstrate this.IMG_9028 IMG_0950 IMG_7687 3)Define the Histrionic Attitude and Schizoid Attitude towards Fashion.  Provide examples from your own experience. The Histrionic attitude towards fashion depicts a person who gives too much attention to fashion, this person shows the following characteristics; self-dramatization, exaggerates emotions, shallow affectibility, seek excitement, want to be the center of attention, show inappropriate seductiveness. On the other hand Schizoid attitude towards fashion shows almost the opposite behaviors of Histrionic attitude. A person with Schizoid attitude shows no interest in fashion, social trends or modern lifestyle. Their characteristics are as follows; do few if any activities that provide pleasure, have emotional coldness, are limited to express either warm tender feelings or aggression towards others, have little interest in having sexual experiences with others, lack close friends, etc. little-cartoon-characters As I was reading this section  I remove red someone from my life, my little sister. She expresses all of the characteristics above for the histrionic attitude.


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