Reading #6 Responses

1) Refereeing to highland rape, rape is a horrific act, why are magazines allowed to romanticize it and put it in advertisements?

I believe that magazines are allowed to romanticize rape in advertisements because they provide eye candy for the public. The images we see are just that an image, but they never add a story behind it making them mysterious and appealing for to the public. I believe that we are the ones that authorize magazines to do this because if it were such a bad thing we would do something about it, something as simple as not buying or  not at looking at these magazines. We are the ones letting these magazines know that we accept their advertising, and that in some way or another we actually buy into it .I believe we like to see the image violence, we like to see sad models because they are intriguing they say so much more than just that pretty little model in pink on the next page. These “horrific” topics relate to our world, but I do not believe that that this is the only reason of why magazines choose to put these, I think that they know that by putting images like these they are taking the viewers eyes and thoughts somewhere else. I believe images like these make us think about a story a phrase behind the picture, emotions about the models and they also provide a lot of life to the garment.

A good example of this was the fame that Alexander McQueen got thorugh all his collections. The was always some sort of violent atmosphere, but he also romantized it. After the collections everyone would talk about it and critized him but they always came back to next one. I believe taht these themes in fashion keep us coming back and they make us want more of that designer.

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2)Is it possible for clothing to provide the type of protection McQueen try’s to creative by making women look “so powerful no one would dare lay hands on them?

I believe that clothing does provide a protection for women, as well as for me. Not only do the clothes you wear say something about who you are but they also provide you with this image that can be used to hide all sorts of emotions, it can help you feel very fragile and shy as well as very confident and strong. Clothing can make people want to talk to you, in the same way as it can intimidate the shit out of those around you. I know this from my own personal experience, because I have worn garments that have intimidated people in the past as I have also worn garments that make me look very vulnerable to society.

I believe that there are different aspects of clothing that help guard the body. It is not only the overall “look” of someone all made up, it’s the cuts of garment, the silhouette, the fabrics and the woman behind the clothing. I believe that the cuts and the lines of a garment make them look more structural therefore providing this dimension to the body, making it appear to have more volume than in actually does, therefore adding more power. The silhouette also plays a very important role because that is what frames the body, for example it would be harder for the woman wearing the pink a-line dress to look more powerful than the woman wearing a well fitted black princess line dress. Another thing that has to be there in order for clothing to make anyone seem more powerful is the fabric chosen for that garment, I will use leather for my example. After attending a Meso-American exhibition two years ago here at Cal State LA I learned that back in the days the Aztecs, and other ancient civilizations would wear animal skins to feel more powerful, no wonder why leather is always associated with power and pleasure. At least that is what it reminds me of. Lastly I think that who ever is wearing the garment has to at least know how to pretend to be powerful, because a garment is nothing without its body.

After watching the film On McQueen’s life I noticed the reaction of the public towards his fashion shows, and when the models looked tortured or over-powerful, the public would jump nervously, some even had faces of disgust but there was always an audience waiting for his powerful women to walk down that run way.  doggy

“A woman hides her deepest sorrows through the lines of her clothing.” -CC

3)Are the opinions of the viewer or designer a more correct interpretation fashion?

I think that both the opinions of the viewer and the designer are correct when interpreting fashion. I believe this because, the opinion of the designer are the truth behind the garments, but the opinion of the viewer is language of the garment itself. A garment is a work of art, and art is subjective in the sense that fifty people can view the same painting and each of them can come up with a valid interpretation of the work.

I believe that McQueen as well as many designers know exactly what message they are trying to send since the minute they start working on their garments. But I also think that the designer is open to any opinions of the public because that way they can know if their message went through as they planned or if the garment itself took over and said something else. Sometimes McQueen’s designs were not read correctly and some of the audience did not comprehend them but McQueen kept designing and re-inventing his self for every collection. I do believe that both opinions matter but at the end of the day if someone is trying to change your interpretation of you work then you should listen to it and think about, but you should never take drastic changes because of the critics opinions. poop

4)Why is it appealing to sexualize or eroticise fashion?

Because it is appealing to the eye and it sells. I know I asked the question if women will always be seen as a sexual object. And my response is yes, not only because we have always been seen as inferior to men but because of the media, and our own choices of clothing. That question stayed in my head for days, as I went through my days I noticed how women were so eager when it came to catching not only a man’s attention but practically everyone around her. We women like to feel and look sexy, and this brings looks and thoughts from men that are not “Oh how beautiful she is”, but rather “damn I’d hit that”. We sexualize ourself, so in part we can not blame history or the media, because it is a fact that we do it for attention.

So now coming back to this question I believe that it is important to sexualize and eroticise fashion because it creates attention where attention is needed and therefore it sells what needs to be sold. Sex is a big image in advertisement and no matter how old you are you know that a picture of a half-naked woman will attract much more consumers than a picture of a young girl covered up to her neck. These advertisements make us think that we could look like that if we wear whatever it is that they are wearing, they make us believe that we also could be that sexy. hot

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