Mood Board

Texture Swatches

Project 1

Color Swatches

Mood Board Statement

The inspiration behind my mood board, is the corruption, darkness, and mystery portrayed through the life of Jay Gatsby in the film, The Great Gatsby. My inspiration derived from the quote, “No amount of fire or freshness can challenge what a man will store up in his ghostly heart”. Although Jay and Daisy lived a life of luxury and recognition, there seemed to always be a gray area of mischievous behavior that back-grounded it. All the wealth in the world could not save Gatsby from his natural self destruction, this is the idea behind my images. I wanted to depict an idea of mystery; a wicked idea of the image of love.
The colors resemble those in my mood board, but more so mimic Gatsby’s solitary emotions. Following the colors, come the textures which help emphasize the feeling of every color.



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