Blood, Power, and Soul

Final Mood Board

PowerFeather- PDF


PowerPerrie- pdf


PowerCandace pdf

Blood, Power, and Soul

                        Our inspiration for our collection came straight from the meaning behind the Mayans’ life. This civilization was known for creating a fully developed written language, their art, wonderful architecture, and their astonishing mathematical and astronomical systems. As civilizations the Mayan were a very powerful culture of people, we represented their power through the use of the color black and the use of some strong and extravagant silhouettes, as well as the use of feathers and animal skins, which symbolize power. Blood was a very big aspect of the Mayan civilization, for they would often perform sacrifices like many of the pre-modern societies. The Mayan culture’s sacrifices included; the killing of animals and of human beings. Often these sacrifices were rituals devoted to their gods. We carried out the blood in our project with the color red, and gruesome imagery on our mood board. The last part of our concept was the idea of their soul, many ancient civilizations and cultures still today believe in the notion of the soul, the part of the human being that never dies. And this idea was not an exception in the Mayan civilization, for they believed in an after life, a rich and vivid life that was predicted to be lived in a greater place after the life on earth. We mimicked the use of their architecture’s lines, because it was through those lines that they truly gave life to the notion of an elevation towards a higher place, a heaven.



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