Final Garment

       Life; A never-ending cycle.



Confused? I am confused. My garment is confused. The pleats in my garment resemble the different paths that life offers us. The angles in my garment depict a sense of confusion in my garment, as if my confusion had bled into it making it a mere reflection of my soul. Life blesses us with many opportunities, which start off very little, like a little seed. But sooner or later that seed grows and grows until it blossoms. There’s always a new beginning in life, but every beginning is moving towards an end. An end that sometimes we do not have control over, it comes and hits us when we least expect it. But every end, ends with an open space, letting bigger and bigger things come into your life. There is a sense of loss, but an amplitude sense of hope as if it were leading to another beginning. Life is a cycle, a contradicting phrase. It gives us what we need when we don’t want it, and it takes what we want when we feel like we need it. The use of the different fabrics in my garment symbolizes that contradiction. Yes, no. Black or white. Ying versus Yang. Half of my garment is holding on, but half is letting go. Part of it is assertive, while the hidden part is confused. My garment is I, and I am my garment. I wish you could understand what I try to say; for this is the visual of that letter I never had the courage to write to you my dear old friend.IMG_6715




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