Collaborative Meso-American Project

Collaborative Project with Candi Corona and Jackie Lee

Project Inspiration

We derived our inspiration from the Mayan’s use of repetition. Like many ancient cultures, the Mayan believed in different cycles of life. Their use of repletion was seen not only in their living beliefs but also in their art. They used a lot of patterns that were constantly being repeated, over and over again to resemble a deeper idea. Thus, in our garment we utilized the process of braiding as a form of repetition. The spiraling of the braid itself around the body represents the Mayan calendar’s cycles and the astronomical influence. The purpose of our piece not covering the entire body is to symbolize the Mayan’s use of light and shadow. The Mayan resembled life and death through the use of light and shadow. The braid represents the shadow, for it is dark and mysterious. On the other hand, the body represents light as well as life. Our architectural design is not meant to be perceived as a garment, but rather as a piece of art.


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