My collection depicts women in various different designs. There is no certain cohesion of the garments, but what is certain is the cohesion of the emotions portrayed by them. And it all comes back to me as an artist, for an artist makes what he is. I use fashion as a tool of expressing myself when I cannot find the right words to do so. All of the women in my project are facets of my own persona. Looking deeper into my collection I use different style lines to accentuate and sometimes hide the woman’s body. I do that as a means of depicting a woman’s strength but also her weakness. The same goes with the fabrics I choose to work with, for they also resemble some sort of contradiction. My collection is simply a mirror image of what I have gone through, what I feel like inside, and what is yet to come for me.
Project 4 Mood Boardbikini skirt


Clementine- average


newspaper dress





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