Who is Pink? And what is she about? I dress in pink. I smell like pink, I even look like pink. I AM pink. I am part of a group. And it’s very exciting how we each get to choose our own color, therefore our own name. We are part of the world, for our blood streams through its waters, its flowers, its soil and much much more. Our blood can be man-made, and in reality our blood would be brighter and thicker if it were, but this blood contaminates our home. So I ask myself, “why not paint the world, with the colors it offers”, not too bright and not to eccentric, just natural. I myself am Pink, I am made from nature and I was painted by nature. I am beautiful in my own simplest way, I am friendly and cost-efficient. I will not make your skin feel weary, for you are also part of the same elements I am made from. I do believe that everyone should use the earth’s colors.



image image image

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